Asset Purchase of CO2 Air, Inc.

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TOMCO2 Systems, Inc. (“TOMCO”), a subsidiary of Air Water America, LLC, is proud to announce that it has acquired all the operating assets of CO2 Air Inc. (“CO2 Air”) used in the dry ice production equipment business. This includes dry ice pelletizers, block presses, reformers, and saws.

CO2 Air will continue to purchase and distribute bulk carbon dioxide products throughout the United States. “The divestiture of our dry ice machinery business allows CO2 Air to focus on our core business, the distribution of carbon dioxide”, Justin McDowell, Vice President of CO2 Air stated. McDowell continued, stating “We believe TOMCO’s quality and resources are without equal in our industry and we are honored to work with them. CO2 Air will continue to focus on the growth of our carbon dioxide distribution business first started in 1992.”

“Aligned with our growth strategy in CO2 and dry ice applications, the asset purchase from CO2 Air further expands our footprint and product portfolio”, Luke Bradshaw, President of TOMCO stated. “We designed our first pelletizer in 1979 and have continuously produced the most robust dry ice production equipment for distributors and end users for over four decades. We are excited to continue to penetrate markets across Europe and Asia with our comprehensive line of production and recapture systems while strengthening our position in the Americas.”

About TOMCO2 Systems, Inc.

For over 45 years TOMCO Systems has produced CO2 and Dry Ice equipment solutions with focus on service, quality and innovation. From concept to reality for traditional Industrial Gas applications and Dry Ice Production, to Water & Wastewater Treatment, Meat & Poultry Processing, Food Freezing & Chilling, Craft & Micobrew, Bottling Plants, Cannabis Extraction, and Grow/Greenhouse Yield Enhancement, we help make constructive uses of CO2 possible.

About CO2 Air, Inc.
Founded in 1992, CO2 Air distributes carbon dioxide products throughout the United States. CO2 Air is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Welding & Gas, Inc., one of the largest independent distributors of industrial, medical, specialty and beverage gas products in the United States.

About Air Water, Inc.
Established in 1929, Air Water’s operations are based on industrial and medical gas applications. Air Water has expanded its business to a great variety of fields, including chemicals, medical treatment, energy, agriculture, food products and more.

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