TOMCO’s Top Talent Award

We kicked off our Friday by applauding and recognizing 4 TOMCO team members with our “TOMCO Top Talent Award”.  This award symbolizes a team member that not only excels in daily goals/tasks but also embodies innovative ideas, solutions and performance throughout our TOMCO culture.


From right to left

Lynwood Wilson, Warehouse Lead, has been with TOMCO for 4 years . He received his award for his constant dedication to meeting customer delivery requirements as well as making daily package deliveries to FedEx terminal.

Edwin Gomez, QA Supervisor, started with TOMCO in 2012.  He was given the task for 5S implementation and management of overseeing that each team member utilizes and understands the overall benefit of 5S within our daily practices.

Tonia Sorrells, Strategic Sourcing, has been on the TOMCO Purchasing team for over 14 years.  She received her award for strategizing with vendors on price negotiations.

Eric Baun, QA Technician, has been with TOMCO for 7 years.  Eric has taken an enormous role in helping with 5S implementation within our facility.

ONE Team, ONE Tomco!