Welcome Trey Smith, Senior Product Manager

January 6, 2020

Effective January 6, 2020, TOMCO2 Systems welcomes Trey Smith as their new Senior Product Manager.  In his role Trey will focus on growing and further developing TOMCO’s Food Systems and Dry Ice market segments and report directly to Jeff Holyoak, Vice President Sales and Market Development.  He will be responsible for implementing growth strategies, product line expansion, and market development for the extensive line of Meat & Poultry Processing equipment as well as all dry ice production and application equipment.

TOMCO has a complete line of cold chain food processing equipment in both CO2 and Nitrogen applications coupled with small scale and large-scale dry ice production equipment.  Additionally, as the exclusive U.S. and Canadian distributor of the Dohmeyer cryogenic refrigeration systems, the global leader in cabinet, in-line tunnel, immersion, and spiral freezers, TOMCO offers an end to end solutions in these markets. 

Trey has over 10 years sales, product, and engineering experience in industrial applications, a majority in cryogenic equipment.  Additionally, Trey brings extensive entrepreneurial and business acumen to TOMCO having owned and operated his own retail bike business for 12 years.  He has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Southern Polytechnic State University.

“We’re excited to have Trey join our team as we continue to focus on developing end user applications and identifying constructive uses for CO2”, states Holyoak.  “Trey brings a unique blend of technical, entrepreneurial, and market understanding that will continue to elevate our products and service in Food Systems and Dry Ice markets.”

About TOMCO2 Systems, Inc.

For over 45 years TOMCO Systems has produced CO2 and Dry Ice equipment solutions with focus on service, quality and innovation.  From concept to reality for traditional Industrial Gas applications and Dry Ice Production, to Water & Wastewater Treatment, CO2 Plants, Food Chilling & Processing, Craft & Micobrew, Bottling Plants, Cannabis Extraction, and Grow/Greenhouse Yield Enhancement, we help make constructive uses of CO2 possible.


About Dohmeyer

Dohmeyer is a leading global manufacturer of cryogenic refrigeration systems for the food processing, pharmaceutical, aeronautic, plastics and steel industries. For more than a decade, Dohmeyer has continued to develop innovative chilling and freezing solutions with its own team of dedicated engineers specializing in cabinet, in-line tunnel, immersion and spiral freezers.